I recently made a change in my career. I thought long and hard. What could I do that would use my skills best to help you?  I chose real estate as my new profession, not because the industry needs another real estate agent but it does need somebody with my skills.

The three skills that I can give you are:
- I will always be on time.  I’ve disciplined myself to know how important it is to be on time, every time.
- I will work hard.  I know what it means to put in the 10-12 hour days and work with a deadline.  I get things done.
- I demand quality results.  Because my work must stand the test of time, you can count on me to deliver the quality results you expect.

When it’s time for you, a family member, or neighbor to sell or buy a home you now have a friend in the business that will show up on time, work hard and be dedicated to a quality job. Thank you very much!

Your Friend in the Real Estate Business,

Dionne Housley

I want to be a resource for you in the future.  Please call when I can help you, your friends, your family and the people you care about(402-618-8632).

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